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Bump vs normal vs displacement maps


Head Squash and Stretch

Animation Speed Challenge from Jonathan Lo

Convert Maya rigs into .blend .max .obj … etc


First, you will need Maya. Do you know you can get Maya for free for 5 years?

If you want to bring the entire Maya RIG into other software, like Blender, Max, … and start animating in these software. The answer will be … NO. You cannot do that. (Please fix me if I was wrong. I believe you can bring skeleton only with fbx export?)

* If you want Game export, check this out: link

* The other way around is possible with Advanced Skeleton’s Name match-er: link

If you want to export the model only into other software, then follow this video:

With .obj format, you can import the model into any 3d software.

Hope this helps.



* If you ask me to convert for you? No, I dont, I dont have time for everyone.  If your machine cannot install maya/ maya cannot run/ maya take too long to download/ I dont have time to install it/ …, find someone else to do this for you.

Where to start from absolutely nothing?



When you see my characters, you want to open and play around with it but don’t know how? Here are the steps (you don’t need to pay anything to follow these steps):

First, install Maya:

You will need winrar to extract the file:

Now you have enough tools, go to and download the (free) rig you like.

How to download (Gumroad block some countries)? And how to download them for free (watch till the end of the video).

When open the file, you might ask, why the model is black? I want to see the COLOR!!

Are you happy now? 😉

Now pick some animation tutorials and play around with my rigs. Search for “Maya animation tutorials” on youtube and go further from there.

Some additional notes:

How to switch IK and FK:

Unknown nodes message and cannot save file:

There are plenty more tutorials on my blog, feel free to take a look:



How to resize zbrush working space?

Eyes rendering BLACK

Hi, when you set up lighting for my rig, you might jump into this issue: eyes are rendering black.


You can go to Window > Outliner


If this green arrow appears, turn it off (This is Outliner’s filter)


Find something is called “lens” or “eye cells”


You can simply hit Ctrl + H to hide them. Or add to layer and hide them.

Or you can assign water-like or glass-like shaders to them. It’s is different from renderer to renderer but the general rule is max out Refraction and zero out diffuse weight (or you can use preset if your renderer provides one):



Man Walk Cycle Tutorial / Maya from Navdeep Singh

Maya: turn off names on curves in graph editor

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