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Non-commercial vs commercial use?


I have this question a lot so I try to make it clean here. Any input are welcome (including my English).

My rigs at gumroad are available for:

Non-commerical Single Seat: You can use the rig for personal practise, reel, animation contests, personal films, film festivals or other non-commercial purposes. (FREE)

Commercial Single Seat: This license entitles you and only you to use the rig for commercial and monetized use. ( ~ 150$)

Team Project Or Class License: This license entitles you to distribute this rig to up to 50 people working on one project or class. ( ~ 150$)

Commercial Studio: This license entitles you to use the rig throughout your studio for commercial or monetized uses. (~ 300$)

School License: This license entitles you to use my entire library, including my future rigs for your school. Please contact me for more details.

To me, what are non-commercial use?

  • Demo reel (any kind of cg reel):
    • Animation, FX, … reel.
    • Rigging reel: yes, you can take the model off from my rigs and do your own rigging reel. How to video:
    • Personal Portfolio.
    • Studio Reel (Yes! It’s nice if I have a credit though)
  • Animation practices.
  • Studios using rigs for testing new employees.
  • Student works (more on this later).
  • Personal short films.
  • Short films for festivals (yes! all money or rewards if you gain from winning are all yours).
  • 11s animation contest or any similar animation contest (all money or rewards you might gain are all yours).

About teaching and student works

  • All students can use the rig for animation practice/ school work/ film assignments…
  • Show case students’ works using my rigs in school reel is totally fine. Schools don’t need commercial license for that. Glass license/ School license is only required when using my rigs for teaching.
  • For the teachers, please use team project or class license rigs for teaching.
  • Class license is for individual teachers, if school plan to use some of my rigs to teach in school, please use commercial studio license.
  • I also offer school licence, which allow your school to use all of my rigs, including future rigs. Please inbox me for school license (

Why non-commercial use of some rigs has 10$ price tag?

  • All of my NEW rigs from now on will be all FREE for non-commercial use. So, I will rely heavily on your donations at my Patreon page and Gumroad (and commercial prices). Wish me … luck.
  • Old rigs with 10$ will still have this price tag, since I don’t want to hurt who already purchased these rigs.

With non-commercial use, please credit where you get the rig/ model from (you can get money from doing that: link). The main goal is actually for me to search my name (“Truong Rig” or “Truong Cg Artist” on Vimeo and share your animations on my facebook page. You can use tag feature at Vimeo and tag me:

Commercial single seat, team project and studio license are self explanatory.

With commercial use (after purchase), you don’t need to credit me.

All of commercial license purchases are life time. No need to purchase again for every new class or new project. Just log in and download again (if you need to).

Some rigs have no commercial-prices

Which means you can only use them for non-commercial use. For example:

  • Dragon rig using Jaemin concept art: This rig is not available for commercial gain in any way since Jaemin doesn’t allow me to do so.
  • Same with Conan rig:
  • Some rigs has copy right related issue, for example Sylvanas Windrunner is copyright by Blizzard Entertainment. Or my Irex from Jurassic World, I don’t want to have trouble with those big name companies.

All of these information are at rig description, please make sure to read them before using the rig for your purpose.


Some of you might know I have rigs and models at:

Yes, this is me. I only post rigs there with commercial price there. However, TS doesn’t have the flexibility to offer multiple licenses like gumroad. Also, updating rigs on every sites is tedious, so I wont update rigs there any longer (I might upload some still models there though).

If you already purchase my rigs at TS and need help when see a bug/ issue, just inbox me ( If this is a free rig, try to download this rig again at my gumroad, the bug could be gone already.

In the end, I have no way to track down how you will use my rigs, so … play nice. This is a small world 🙂





Ganh Game – the SIMPLEST Board Game on Earth

Ganh Game (aka “Cờ Gánh”) is a traditional Vietnamese board game. To me, this is the simplest board game on Earth, yet super interesting to play. You can play it any where, any time with any one, your children, your parents, your friends, colleagues… Give it a try and tell me what you think 😉

I made this video in the hope this board game won’t fade out over time. In fact, most Vietnamese don’t even know about it.

You can download Ganh Game Maps here:


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Gumroad (cvbtruong) – Vietnamese 3D Tutorials

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