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Turn off Nurb Surface for Rendering (option 2)


Dragon Flight cycle from Valentin Lethen

Voidwalker Maya Rig – Video Rig Demo

Voidwalker is here on my Patreon:
You can get the rig by support me for 1$ or wait one month to get the rig for free on my Gumroad)

As usual, this is a team effort.
Base model by Julien Ebel​
Topology by Phong Truong​
Animation by Louis Prime​
Rigging – Model – Texture – Lighting by me 😛

Voidwalker Maya rig – video teaser

Dinosaur_Animation from Mr.Animatic

Drago Animation from Mr.Animatic

How to hide nurb surface controls

Leopard Maya Rig: new leg setup

A lot of back and forth between me and Advanced Skeleton but finally the perfect leg setup is here (hopefully). Feel free to download again if you like. Thank you Oyvind for your hard work and patient with me. Thank you for animators who give me feedback along the way. Cheers!
Download link:

Leopard Walk Test from Joseph

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