Truong CG Artist

Vietnamese short film maker

Love birds – short film by Steffen Zurmöhle

Dragon rig: Pole vector fix

For James.

Mike Freeman Maya Rig (Free)

Mike Freeman is free for download:

Truong Rigs: Maya displacement map explained

Everything about displacement map in Maya and how to solve it if you have problem. Hope this video will help you.

Irex vs Dragon

Irex vs Dragon. Can you guess what story behind this?
Animation by Ramón Arango.
Fx-Render by Huy Nguyen.
Model-Rig by Truong Cg Artist.
Download Irex dinosaur and Dragon Maya Rig for free here:

Leopard walk and run with attitude – keyframe animation by Rod

“The Tale of the Norwood Dragon” from Matt Fisher


Winner of Gold Movie: “The Tale of the Norwood Dragon” from Matt Fisher. Watch the film and behind the scene here:

Facial and Biped Rigging Course 101 Autodesk Maya with Kasper Larsson

If you want to learn rigging I recommend this course for you:

Please use the link above to purchase, I will get 10% if you purchase this course via this link. You’re helping 3 people when you start learning this course: yourself, Kasper and me. Cheers!

  • The affiliate program will end after 30 days, which means it only last in August 2017. 

He also has tons of free tutorials on rigging here:

Happy rigging!


Roma Elzo Character Animation reel 2017

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