Truong CG Artist

Vietnamese short film maker

animations from AMALJITH SAJI


Wukong animation by Chikeluba Gabriel Nebeolise

Dragon vs dinosaur from Satyajit Pattanaik

Wolf fight animation from Satyajit Pattanaik

Guardian from Dave David

Get green shader look, even all textures are loaded?


If you get the green material look, even all textures are loaded?

This means, you dont have the shader that this file has. For example, I used mental ray material for this cyborg rig. That’s why green color appears. Simply assign other shader that you have in your Maya/ your renderer to fix that.

Congratulations to Pawan Naidu on his new job at MPC london

Animation Showreel 2019 – Akshay Poddar



Finished learning anatomy at Dẫu Phải Giải Phẫu
Learnt a ton. References from Bodiesinmotion.

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