Truong CG Artist

a cg artist from Vietnam

Fly boombastic from Vasiliy Rojkov


Red Whisker Bird Test Animation from Kamil Khan

VFX Artist explains GPU Rendering in REDSHIFT

Dragon test from Wasi Ali Khan

Alien animation from Иван Чернышов

Michel Denis da Silva – Creature Animation – Reel 2019

Indominus Rex Walk Cycle_Ver.02 – Animation In Maya from Dushan Dimitrovski

zbrush export with real world scale from Gaël Kerchenbaum

Great tutorial from Gaël Kerchenbaum, explaining what the Scale option under Tool means.

  • Zbrush prefer working with small scale file/ native to Zbrush.
  • Maya prefer working with real world scale: simulation, render, etc…

I usually fill in the number in displacement scale, but this workflow works better I think. Also, you dont have to move the model up to match the ground level 😉

Gaël also showed the displacement map export setting. ❤

XGEN FUR / maya 2018 tutorials from Anaїs Lake

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