Truong CG Artist

Vietnamese short film maker

raptor animation from Mikael Ohlson


Export rig to game engine (fbx) with facial setup


If you are in this situation:

  • Finish your animation
  • Then hit “Convert Face setup” from Advanced Skeleton
  • Your animation will be messed up

Do the other way around:

  • With the original rig, hit “Convert Face setup” first
  • Animate and finish your animation.
  • Export

Some of my rigs were built using older version of Advanced Skeleton, this Convert button might not work… Inbox me if you have this problem (rebuild the face rig will take time though)


Raptor at Lanecove park by Ben Wotton



Alien_Animation_Sinchicay Jose

Parasite walk from Sayantan Mukherjee

Warbringers – 3D Animated Short Film from Miroslav Sestakov

Gnomon 2019 Student Reel

Maya: easy way to select all control curves and keyframe

How to making sitting pose with Truong Rigs

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