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Voidwalker Maya Rig – Video Rig Demo

Voidwalker is here on my Patreon:
You can get the rig by support me for 1$ or wait one month to get the rig for free on my Gumroad)

As usual, this is a team effort.
Base model by Julien Ebel​
Topology by Phong Truong​
Animation by Louis Prime​
Rigging – Model – Texture – Lighting by me 😛


Voidwalker Maya rig – video teaser

Leopard Maya Rig: new leg setup

A lot of back and forth between me and Advanced Skeleton but finally the perfect leg setup is here (hopefully). Feel free to download again if you like. Thank you Oyvind for your hard work and patient with me. Thank you for animators who give me feedback along the way. Cheers!
Download link:

Dog Maya Rig v3 with new leg setup

Dog Rig v3 is here, with new leg setup:
Thank you AdvancedSkeleton​ for your superb support. Thank you Karim and Yogesh for your feedback. Cheers.

Truong Rigs: New Leg Setup. Finally!

I need your help! If you have some free time, please help me check this new leg setup:

This is thanks to the lastest update from AdvancedSkeleton. This is still in testing stage though, so please let me know if it’s working or not and any other functions you need to add. Any feedback are appreciated.

Thank you Brian Horgan for the video

Thanks Karim Nabil. Thanks Yogesh Khairnar … (and other animators that note me about the leg limitation)

Orc Rig

Orc rig is finally out on my Patreon:
Support me for 1$/month to get the rig or wait until next month to get the rig for free on Gumroad. Cheers.
Model – Base Color: Leo Sculptures
Topology: Phong Truong
Animation Review: Bảo Long
Animation: Lê Trương Lam
Final Texture – Shading – Rigging – Lighting – Rendering: Truong CG Artist

Raptor render from Ben Wotton


Raptor render from Ben Wotton. Thanks Ben! ^^ ❤

Crocodile Maya Rig

Crocodile Maya Rig is here.
It’s not free this time but I hope I still get some support (so I can survive doing more rigs in the future haha). Thank you!

This rig and this video is a team effort.
Model & Texture: Tri Nguyen
Animation: Huy Nguyen
Rig & Render: Truong Cg Artist

Raptor Maya Rig – Video demo

Raptor rig is now on my gumroad. Cheers!

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