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Truong Rigs

Zhu Baijie – Journey to the West – FREE Maya Rig




Tiktaalik Roseae FREE Maya Rig

Dragon v3 updates: auto neck rotation

Sea Beast Maya Rig video demo

Zergling Maya Rig

Zergling Rig is now on my Patreon: Please support, subscribe and share if you can 🙂

Lurker Maya Rig – FREE for download now

Lurker is now free for download: Happy holiday, everyone!

Multalisk Maya Rig – Free for download

Multalisk is free for download now:
Please download and bring him to life

Janine and Jerry Maya Rigs

Janine and Jerry Maya Rigs are now on my Patreon.
Please support.

Psylocke Free Maya Rig

Psylocke is here, free for download and use:
Thank you Dan Eder for let me rig your beautiful model!
Thank you Long for your animation.

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