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Glad to see my name there, thank you Darren Wallace


Sylvanas Picker from Julien Ebel


Julien did the picker for Sylvanas rig. All thanks go to him 🙂

Original post: link



As some other peoples have done, I’m working with Sylvanas from Truong CG Artist
The rig is quiet complex and have a lots of controller. So I decided to create an UI, matter of going faster in term of selection.
As I realize the work it asks, I decided to share it with you the result.
-1-Download and install animation picker (free and easy)

-2-I’m hosting a RAR file, which contain Sylvanas as a reference (very important in the process) and an Animation Picker file

-3-put the reference file and the animation picker in Truong Sylvanas folder.
Open the ref, It might ask you the new directory of the original sylvanas.
Open Animation Picker, load “BODY” “CAPE_QUIVER” “FACE” (load the “PKR”file, and the background image related to)
Save each one.

I recommend using Studio Library  “

– Julien Ebel


Dino beast redshift3d render setup


Hi, I just update redshift lighting setup for this guy.
Feel free to let me know if you have any rig issue or request. Cheers 😛

Dragon rig got upgraded

Dragon rig got upgraded. Yeah!!

Fire Wolf Maya Rig

Fire Wolf Maya Rig is here for free download:

Allosaurus Renders by Ben Wotton


Ben did it again hehe. Super awesome render of my Allosaurus. Thank you very much Ben!


Allosaurus dinosaur maya rig (demo)

Free for download here:

Wukong Maya rig – video demo

This is a crab rig!

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