Truong CG Artist

Vietnamese short film maker

Dragon Test from Brooke Stampfli


DEMO REEL 2017 from Diordan Paraoan

Animation Demo Reel Fall 2017 from Ronald Quach

Cyborg Jump from Ronald Quach

Dog Maya Rig v3 with new leg setup

Dog Rig v3 is here, with new leg setup:
Thank you AdvancedSkeleton‚Äč for your superb support. Thank you Karim and Yogesh for your feedback. Cheers.

Animtober 10/14/2017 from Jerzy Perez

Making of:

Bow Staff Spin from Kyle Kenworthy

Gigantic: Animtober Animation from Kyle Kenworthy

Yes!! Animtober for Animator:

Cyborg Render from Han Lee

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