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yes, I can do some basic animation ;)

Differences between Wyvern vs Dragon


Walking Egg Maya Rig – video demo

The rig is now available at my Patreon:
This walking egg rig is for my upcoming board game (free game) trailer. Hope you like this little rig. More rigs will come this month.

Boxy Butterfly – turntable

boxy bird turntable (2)

Red Whisker Maya Rig

Support Truong make more Maya Rigs:

Every Sunday project – 1014


Every Sunday project – 1014 from Truong on Vimeo.

1014 isΒ my latest animation project.

Please like my page if you want to see more content like this from me πŸ™‚

Carnotaurus Dino – Walk Cycle

Some old animation works

4 years ago already …


shot_237 from huyenvu on Vimeo.

fun walk from Truong on Vimeo.

sad walk final from Truong on Vimeo.

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